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Laundry is a constant source of learning. Should you use warm water to wash your clothes? Can you remove all stains using all-purpose cleaners? Continue reading to learn what you should be doing to your clothes from laundry experts. Make sure you know how to do laundry properly by using this helpful guide.

Myths about Laundry and Dry Cleaning

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Using more detergent results in cleaner clothing

You’ve probably heard the common misconception that using more detergent results in cleaner clothes. The reality, though, might be a little different. It doesn’t work harder if you use additional detergent, though. It can instead leave a film on your clothes. They will likely only need to be washed once more, and over time, the additional washings may cause them to deteriorate more quickly. For information on how much detergent to use for your load size and washer, especially since many detergents these days are concentrated, check the detergent label.

Warm water can clean more effectively.

It’s true that hot washes are excellent for sanitising severely filthy clothing and killing bacteria. Although cold water washes will clean them just as well, they won’t be sanitised. Sadly, not all textiles and clothing can withstand the heat of hot washes, as it can destroy and discolour many textiles, especially devoted ones. But don’t panic; using the proper detergent and cycle will enable you to acquire clean garments even on a cold cycle.

Clothing shrinks in tumble dryers due to heat

Your clothing shrinks for a number of reasons. Inappropriate wash cycles can actually cause shrinkage since they mess with the fabric.

A second or third washing results in cleaner clothing.

If you clean properly the first time, you won’t need to consider doing a second or third wash. By organising and including the appropriate amount of everything, you can save time.


Your washing machine does not require cleaning.

It’s simple to think that when you wash dirty clothing in your washing machine and they all come out clean, your washing machine doesn’t need to be cleaned at all. It’s as straightforward to presume that laundry detergent also cleans the appliance.

However, this line of thought is actually incorrect. Your washing machine may appear clean, but it is likely filled with all kinds of grime. Every cycle’s leftover dirt will gradually find its way into your washing machine’s minor components, including the drum itself, the seal, the filter, and the hose. Your washing machine will eventually start to deteriorate and smell if you don’t actually clean it out using the right solutions and techniques. Your washing machine will eventually stop functioning altogether due to malfunctioning parts.

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You can only wash your underwear by hand.

The majority of underwear may be cleaned in a washing machine! It’s not necessary to hand wash underpants. Just make sure the clothing tag doesn’t specify that “handwashing is the only way” before you put your underwear in the washing machine if it doesn’t. The majority of undergarments may be washed in a washer and dried in a dryer. To dry these products, it is preferable to use a low temperature and a delicate wash setting. Additionally, you can always use a delicates bag to protect your clothing if you’re worried about wires poking out.

Even hand soaps can clean your clothes

It’s all in the name, in reality. The truth is that hand soap is meant to clean your hands, not your clothes, despite the fact that it may sound like a terrific party trick to demonstrate to your friends. Even though hand soap won’t include any nasty chemicals, it’s not recommended to wash garments with it because some fabrics won’t respond well to it. You might sully your favourite pair of pants or destroy your best top as a result. Not to mention how it can affect the complex operations of your washing machine. Therefore, if you’re considering doing this, just don’t.

Just two piles of coloured and white clothes are required for laundry.

The instructions on each garment tag should be followed when washing each article of clothing. Using the guidelines you’ve studied, divide the clothing into washing piles that are similar. While it’s best to avoid washing red socks with white shirts, you need also be cautious about the kind of garments you’re washing in the same load. For instance, you should try to only put clothing of this type into the washer at once if you’re running a delicate wash because you have a lot of synthetics to clean. These delicate items might be harmed by tougher clothing, like denim.

Filling the washing machine to the top capacity will save you money.

While it’s true that washing machines have a maximum capacity, you shouldn’t try to fill it up to that level every time. This will put unnecessary stress on the device and may cause it to become unbalanced. The top of the load of clothes in the drum should never be closer to the washing machine’s roof than the width of a hand. By doing this, you may ensure that your things have adequate room to move around during each cycle. Your washing machine is overloaded if you are unable to fit your hand on top of the laundry.

Washing your clothes is essential because the human body produces a lot of oils that need to be removed from clothing, airborne bacteria can get onto clothing, and washing helps keep clothing in shape. Wilmslow Laundry Service has locations in Cheshire, Didsbury, and other UK cities to guarantee that all of your clothing is clean. Your dirty laundry is safe with our team. We provide great discounts for our free pick up and delivery services for your clothing. In addition to doing your laundry, we can also iron, fold, fix, and otherwise take care of your clothing at reasonable costs with regular discounts.