Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning – The Better Way to Keep Your Clothes Clean

More often than not, we try to search for the best ways to treat our clothes. Of course, we invest a lot of time and money setting up a wardrobe, and we all have that one favorite outfit we love wearing.

However, it is very easy to become careless sometimes and ruin our clothes because we did not know the right way to clean them or care for them. Wilmslow Dry Cleaners is here today to tell you the difference between two major methods of cleaning your clothes and which method might be better for you; dry cleaning or steam cleaning.

Wilmslow Dry Cleaners

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Dry Cleaning Techniques at home

You can quickly dry clean your clothes at home by purchasing dry cleaning kits. These kits have all the things you need to clean your clothes in three steps

Pre-treat StainsThe kit has stain removers that you can use to treat stains before throwing them for cleaning. These stain removers are not unique. You can use any ordinary stain remover that you usually use. The method to remove stains is the same as mentioned above. You need to use water for water-based stains and a solvent for oil or greasy stains.

  • Dry Clean

The dry cleaning kits you purchase have a special dry cleaning bag in them. It is a simple nylon bag that you are supposed to put some of your clothes in. Along with your clothes, you have to put a dryer-activated cloth in the nylon bag too. It will be provided in the kit. After this step, you have to seal the nylon bag and put it in your dryer for as long as the kit you are using suggests. The dryer-activated clothes have an emulsifier, perfume, and some water on them; they efficiently treat your clothes inside the machine.

  • End Product

After taking your clothes out from the dryer, you have to inspect them to see any remaining stains. You can repeat the process or go to a professional dry cleaning service near me if there are.

Steam Cleaning

Most steam cleaning machines use a combination of water and steam. The steam is only used to loosen up the cloth fibers so that the clothes soak in more water and the deeper dirt or stains are efficiently removed.

The steam cleaning hand devices kill germs on your clothes and efficiently remove wrinkles from those clothes which are not suitable for laundry or dry cleaning.

Difference between steam cleaners and dry cleaners

Dry cleaners are machines that you put your clothes in, while steam cleaners are devices emitting steam that you need to hold close to your clothes.

Dry cleaners efficiently remove stains while steam cleaners do not.

You can use a steam cleaner to create a dry cleaning effect once you have removed all stains from your clothes.

What Should You Prefer?

The care labels on your clothes should give you an idea of how to treat your clothes. If your clothes are made up of delicate fabric, it is best to keep them protected from heat. You should use dry cleaning for such clothes. For important outfits that could handle high temperatures, you can use steam cleaners to give them a nice finishing free of wrinkles.

Steam cleaning is convenient if you have enough time on your hands, but if you have a busy routine, you might as well dry clean your clothes for thorough cleaning.

If you have a busy routine, you should order a laundry pick-up and delivery service from your nearest laundry and dry cleaning service. These services would know the type of care each of your garments would need and hence get your laundry done while you manage other tasks on your to-do list!