Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Wilmslow

The Laundry Cleaning Centre is an expanding laundry cleaning service. We are constantly growing and improving our services because we strive to give our customers the perfect experience. With over fifteen years of working in this business, we have managed to make a name for ourselves. The Laundryman App is one of the best laundry services and apps all over UK. Our branch in Wilmslow, UK, provides pick-up and delivery service for your laundry.
Apart from washing your clothes, we also provide dry cleaning services for clothes that cannot be washed. We have the newest machines and the finest quality of products to dry clean your clothes. You can also add a scent of your choice, and if you are sensitive to any product, you can mention it in your order and we will take care of it!
The Laundryman App is the app you can use to order a laundry service from The Laundry Cleaning Centre in Wilmslow, UK. The app is extremely easy to use, all you have to do is set a time for laundry collection and delivery, and our rider will be at your doorstep to collect and deliver your clothes! If you have some details about laundry products you can mention it when you order from the app. We will duly note your request and clean your clothes with the products that you prefer.
The Laundry Cleaning Centre in Wilmslow, UK, aims to satisfy our customers. All of our customers love our services and seldom have any complaints. We believe that customers are the most important component of any business, so their complaints are quickly noted and worked on. Our constant improvement over the past years has been a result of the efficient work of our staff.
We not only clean your laundry but other household material like curtains, rugs, carpets and bedsheets! As these things accumulate dirt and dust over time and need cleaning to avoid respiratory and skin diseases, bring them to us for a thorough cleaning! Cleaning household material also restores its colour and texture! A house with children or elderly people living in it should get its carpets, rugs and curtains cleaned very often. The Laundry Cleaning Centre has all the heavy-duty machinery and products for this task.
You don’t have to worry about transport as we can collect and deliver these things, too! Our services are always just a tap on your phone away. We work for your convenience. Whatever time is feasible for you, our rider will collect your laundry and have it cleaned within a day!
The Laundry Cleaning Centre partnered with the Laundryman App to understand that outfits are important in all aspects of life. The prices for our laundry services are usually measured per kg. We also have separate categories for bath towels (hands), body bath towels and bath mat. Our prices are very affordable in most cities of UK. Our customer demand has been increasing very year and it is because of this and the support we get from our loyal customers that we are able to open another cleaning center near you in Wilmslow!